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Tarja Turrunen- Recital completo - Teatro Vorterix - 20/9/2014 - Argentina

#Tarja live from Argentina setlist:
In For A Kill.
- 500 letters.
- Little Lies.
- Falling Awake.
- I Walk Alone.
- Anteroom of Death.
- Never Enough.
- Never Enough Banda
- Dark Star.
- Neverlight.
- Mystique Voyage.
- Ciaran´s Well
- Deliverance.
- Medusa.
- Victim Of Ritual.
- Die Alive.
- I Wish a Had an Angel.
- Until My Last Breath.
- Over the Hill and far away.



I´ve tried to brake this vicious circle,

I´ve tried to move on,

But habits are hard to get rid of,

I´ve tried to accept reality,

And be greatful for the good around me,

But it´s never enough.

When truth is impossible to bear,

I travel far away,


My savior and curse

My faithful companion since my early days of youth.

Old habits die hard, i know..

That´s why i wait

For lucidity to come my way

Cease to exist ps: goodbye

Bright turned to dark,

My path has been marked,

All i´ve done isn´t enough,

It´s time to face the facts and move on

As autumn leaves perish in the cold till they dissapear,

I´ll cease to exist

Farewell friends and enemies,

One last soul to count

One last look to see .

After a lot of thought,

Crying and cowardy,

The final sentence has come to me,

Don´t think it´s easy,

Don´t think it´s selfish

It´s just the only way to find peace.

If this world wasn´t meant to me,

Perhaps there´re others to meet.

As autumn leaves which perish in the cold,

 I´ll cease to exist

Don´t miss me when i´m gone

Remember i´ve already given the best of me,

The rest is just flesh and blood 

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