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#Farewell Godbye dear uncle

i´m writing tonight with tears in my eyes, saying godbye to my beloved uncle, he wasn´t able to speak, though is was the purest man i´ve ever known.

I´d like to say godbye, and share this with you, i really need it.

It´s not easy to be alone at home in this moment, with no one to hug, or talk. So i hope you don´t mind that i share my feelings with you tonight. This is something i wrote a few minutes ago:

I say farewell today,
With calmness in my heart,
Knowing that you finally found peace of mind.
I can´t imagine how hard must have been your life,
Specially the last months,
When pain was your only companion
During those dark nights.
You´re were a man of no words,
though your eyes were a truthful reflection of your soul,
I wish i had been there  for you,
I wish i could have bring you happiness and warmth,
But i was so blinded by earthly, shallow matters
That i forgot the most important thing of all, love.
I´m putting feelings into words tonight
Hoping you found your love ones above,
Praying for you to find a better place,
Wishing there´s a paradise to rest
  This is a humble tribute
To a man without  comparision

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