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I just realised, reading those arguments what the view of many “I-don’t-need-feminism” people might be. Replace feminism with war in those tweets: 

go ahead and drop all the rights you’ve gained through war. You can never have a job again because you don’t have the right, you can never vote again, you couldn’t even be a free person ever again without war.

If any of your ancestor was in a country that was at some point invaded and fought back for it’s freedom (spoiler alert, that’s just about every country ever) then this would apply. You’d be a slave. But that doesn’t mean that you still need war. War is over; rights have been gained. 

So I think that the problem is not if we need feminism. The problem is to define an actualised feminist agenda such that it reflects the social struggles of our time. 

(Fuente: rydenarmani)

#Apocalyptica new album coming!


After the recent feature projects, the upcoming new album is going to be 100% Apocalyptica and a new musical challenge at the same time: The band is working with Franky Perez as exclusive singer on the vocal tracks – this time not only during production, but for the whole cycle including the live shows. Perez released his debut in 2003, later teaming up with System of a Down’s Daron Malakian and John Dolmayan as Scars on Broadway. In 2009, Perez was announced on vocals of Slash’s solo band, followed by collaborations with Dave Kushner (Velvet Revolver) as well as Scott Shriner (Weezer), Joey Castillo (Queens of The Stone Age) and Dave Warren (The Simpsons) as Pusher Jones. After being honored as vocalist for The Doors at the L.A. Sunset Strip Music Festival, he released his latest album “Addict” in 2013. For Eicca, Mikko, Paavo and Perttu working with Perez on the entire project elevates the musical vision to a new level of coherence between studio production and live performance. The new album will be out early 2015.

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